I decided to post my own step by step instructions for anyone wantingto change your timing belt only. These instructions are very detailed.The car in the pictures is a 2000 4 cylinder camry. First, the toolsyou will need are 1/2" ratchet, 3/8" ratchet, 1/4" ratchet, 10mm socket1/4" and 3/8" drive, 12 mm socket 3/8" drive, 14mm socket 3/8" and 1/2"drive, 13/16" deep impact socket 1/2" drive, 3/4" deep impact socket1/2" drive, about 12" of 3/8" drive extensions, needle nose pliers,hammer, harmonic balance puller (got a loaner at autozone for $15), 23" bolts size 6m-1.0 for the harmonic balance puller (bought at homedepot), 5/8 Spark plug socket, flat head screw driver, a mirror, floorjack, and jack stands. Tools that will make the job easier are 1/2"impact wrench, 3/8" air ratchet, white marking crayon. Tell me what youthink.

Step 1: Put the front of the car on jack stands.

Step 2: Remove the passengers side wheel

Step 3: Remove the two bolts circled in red and remove the side panel. Bolts are size 10.

Step 4: Remove the spark plug wires and spark plugs

Step 5: Remove the long alternator bolt circled in red. (14mm)

Step 6: Loosen the alternator bolt circled in green. Loosen the boltcircled in red enough to loosen the belt. Then take off the boltcircled in green. (I believe both are 12 mm.)

Step 7: Move the alternator to the side. My alternator was stuck so I had to use a pry bar to remove it.

Step 8: Remove the 3 bolts circled in red and take off the passengers side engine mount. (14 mm)

Step 9: Remove the bolt that should be where the red circle is. Thenremove 2 more bolts at the bottom of the mount bracket where the greenarrows point. Those were a bitch to take off. I long ratchet with aflex head will make it easier. Then remove the bracket. (all bolts are14mm) Sorry, forgot to take pic of bottom bolts.

Step 10: Unclip the wires from the timing belt cover and disconnect the two ground wires.

Step 11: Remove the two bolts circled in red from the timing belt cover. (10 mm)

Step 12: Remove the left timing belt cover bolt. (10mm)

Step 13: Remove the hidden timing belt cover bolt. It is about where the red circle is. (10mm)

Step 14: Remove the uper timing belt cover. Then remove the boltcircled in red from the lower timing belt cover. (10mm) Also, loosenthe power steering pump and take the belt off.

Step 15: Rotate the crank until the notch on the harmonic balancepulley is lined up with with the 0 degree mark on the timing belt cover(TDC). (Crank bolt is 3/4")

Step 16: Make sure the the hole in the camshaft pulley is lined up withthe "V" notch. If it is off by 180 degrees then rotate the crankshaftone full turn and then line the notches back up.

Step 17: Remove the crank shaft pulley bolt (3/4"). An impact wrenchwill make it very easy to remove that bolt. Then use the harmonicbalance puller to remove the harmonic balance pulley. Do not try to pryit off and do not use a standard pulley puller with arms. If you chipit, you will spend over $100 on a new one. It only costs $15 to rentone from autozone and you will get your money back when you return it.

Step 18: Remove the the 3 lower timing belt cover bolts circled in red and remove the cover. (10 mm)

Step 19: Mark the old timing belt on the crank and camshaft pulleys.

Step 20: Loosen the tensioner bolt (14mm). Pry it down to loosen thebelt and tighten the tensioner bolt back down to hold the tensioner.Then take the belt off.

Step 21: Count the notches between the marks on the old belt and putthe same marks on the new belt. Put the new belt on and line up themarks on the pulleys. Now tighten the tensioner. Rotate the crankclockwise 4 times and make sure the timing marks still line up on thecrank and camshaft. Put the spark plugs and wires back and start theengine. If the engine runs fine, reasseble everthing in reverse order.

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