This is the basic install for the Supertones Hella Horns. I don't have step by step pictures of the install but this should be sufficient enough to figure out how to install it. Difficulty of install would be a 3 out of 5. Most people should be able to do this easily. Here we go.

Thing you need:
Wire stripper
Heat gun
Heat shrink tube
Wire crimper
Wrench or Ratchet with sockets.
Drill (optional)

(2) Hella horns (comes two in a box)
(1) Hella horns relay (comes in the box)
(1) Spool of wire (14 gauge is good)
(8) Female terminals
(1) Male thin terminal
(4) Ring terminals (2 to ground the horns, 1 to ground the relay, 1 for (+)Battery)
(1) Wired Fuse
Some zip ties to keep things neat
Small wire loom to keep wires neat.

These are the basic things you need for the install IF you decide to use the holes for the stock horns. 

If you aren't, you'll need to make a custom bracket. I went to home depot and picked up two metal brackets with pre-made holes from the plumbing section. Also picked up 6 bolts, 6 nuts, and lock washers.

Remember to disconnect the battery before starting any work. 

First thing you want to do is take off the grill. There should be a guide on how to do it somewhere on here.

After you remove the grill, you want to remove the stock horns. Just unbolt them and disconnect the wires.
This next part is only if you do not want to use the location of the stock horns. 
If you are going with the bracket route, you now want to measure out how you want the horns to fit. Hold the bracket against the metal frame with a horn on each side. Try to match the bolt holes to the center of the metal frame. This is where you'll drill your holes. Now when your drilling, MAKE SURE you have a block of wood or something behind the frame. I didn't and accidently when through and hit the AC condenser like an idiot. 
Now you must make the wires. Follow this guide and it should be very simple.

85 - Ground
30 - Fuse>(+)Battery
86 - Stock horn connector
87 - Hella Horn (+)

Make all the wires into whatever length you want to run them. The two (+) wires for the horns should be wired together and then to pin 87.
I wired the grounds for the horns onto the metal bracket that it came with.

Since I made my own bracket, I mounted the relay where the stock horns were. For the connection to the stock horn connector(pin 86), I just stuck the male terminal into each hole to see which one works. Don't worry about the other horn connector, you only need one to set off both horns. 

Once all is wired up, reconnect the battery and test out the horn, if they work SUCCESS. If they don't go over your wiring again. Mount the bracket using the holes you drilled and make sure both horns sit about even. Put your grill back on an enjoy. 

Here are what the horns look like. 

Here are the horns installed close up.

Now a little further.

And the furthest.

And the horns behind the OEM grill. 

Its difficult to see the horns behind the oem grill cause of the way the grill is made, but I have a luxon grill on the way so it will show even better.
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DIY installation of Hella Horns !

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