This how to will illustrate the steps needed to install the LED Kit from Diode Dynamics without breaking anything.
BTW the stage 3 is ridiculously bright, the dome lights are actually a little TOO bright.

Step 1) License plate bulbs

Push the clip in and pull down (push the clip from the license plate side towards the outside of the car), this one shouldn’t be a problem to take out.

Step 2) Trunk Light

The plastic pops out easily

You should then dismount the light from the electrical plug

I drilled a hole for the LED Wires to go through

Bundle the wires so they aren’t in the way

Test the connection before reinstalling

Step 3) Glove box light

I recommend using an L shaped tool to grab onto the lip and pull straight down, it needs a little force and it will feel like you’re going to break it but it will pop long before the plastic breaks

The plastic connector can twist off, test the connection to ensure proper polarity

Step 4) Vanity light
This one is a bitch to get out, use a blade screw drive and push in from the center of the car outwards to push the metal clip in to release it (see picture)

And once again, test polarity

Step 5) Dome Light

First take out the 2 screws in the sunglasses holder

There are plastic tabs near the dome light button that point towards the rear of the vehicle, this means that you need to pull on the plastic that’s closer to the front of the vehicle FIRST

There are 2 wires that hold the unit in, you can squeeze the clip to release them

Once free you will have to undo 3 screws, and pull on 2 plastic tabs to release the circuit board

Next step is to unscrew the plastic reflector (held in by 1 screw)

Peel off the adhesive plastic and bundle the wires so they are out of the way

Test the connection before reinstalling (**IMPORTANT** Both power connections must be plugged in before the dome lights will light up, also the circuit board must be remounted on the same plastic piece that the sunglasses holder is attached too)

this picture was taken at in broad day light but look at how much light gets reflected off the chairs!!!!!! its too bright for night, it will actually blind you if you turn it on while your driving

in this one you can see why it will blind you.


License plate lights

trunk light now USABLE!

for some reason this picture reminds me of a vampire........ i have no clue why

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Installing the LED Kit from Diode Dynamics

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