1. Remove the three screws on steering wheel column. The bottom screw is visible if you put your face on your seat while the other two on the sides are only accessible if you turn the wheel 90 degrees. Don't steer the wheels when your car is completely off as your steering wheels will get locked up. 

2. Wiggle, punch, etc. to get the upper and the lower plastic cover separated just a little bit, and shove in some needle nose pliers or flat head screw drivers to completely remove the upper cover.

3. Locate the white connector near head light switch and pull it off using needle nose plier. You will see the following thing.

What we need to do is cut the loop that goes through pin 5 and 8, as shown in the red circle, and then connect pin 5 to pin 2. 
See the following photo for precise location of the pins, as the picture is out of focus.

4. This is how I did it. You can use wire splicer, but I think they might be too bulky here. 

Cut wire 2 and remove the insulation for wire 2 and wire 5, as circled in the picture.

5. Solder the three together or just twist them into one junction and then wrap it with black insulating tape. At this point I wished I used splicers. 
One thing, you will need to have a little piece of wire to actually reconnect the wire 2 because you won't have enough length. I used a little bit of what's left of wire 8 

6. Put all back together.

This is the finished product.

Parking light!

Hi beam ON!

Fog alone!

Thanks, and pardon the poor quality pictures and write-up.

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DIY: fully controllable OEM fog light

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