Here is the how to. its my first one so any suggestions to make it better would be nice. I also did not know what to call come parts so bare with me lol. Oh and credit goes Ninjaman cause he helped me do this. I just had the time to post it. If anyone has questions feel free to PM ME. Also I do not have the relay harness

Power Drill
10mm wrench
3m tape

Step 1: Unplug the negative terminal of the battery! (not a must but safer)

Step 2: Locate the 2 10mm bolts that secure the headlight. Remove them and the screw next to the grille.

Step 3: Pull the headlight out. You can either push it from the back, or I kinda wiggled it out from the top. Dont be afraid to pull kind of hard.

Step 4: Unplug the headlight.

Step 5: Unscrew the cap on the headlight to access the halogen bulb.

Step 6: Remove the halogen bulb by pushing the black female outlet toward the bulb. Next turn the bulb away from female outlet and it should come right out.

Step 7: Drill a hole about 1/2 to 1 inch in the center of the cap that covers the projector housing. I used a 3/8 drill bit and just bored it out. You can tell its not perfect, but it doesn have to be.

Step 8: Put the new bulbs through the cap along with the wiring. Pull the rubber seal through the whole so that the whole becomes sealed. 

Step 9. Wire the new HID bulb to the stock housing. I used the stock unit to power them, but if mm can post his paint the relay harness, Im sure it would help people. Remember Red + Yellow. Black + Black

Step 10: Fit the bulb into the projector housing and turn it to seal it. Put the cap back over the projector house. Sry I forgot to take a picture of this.

Step 10-1/2: You should connect all the wiring and test the lights to make sure they work. If using the stock housing, make sure both headlights are plugged in.

Step 11: Almost there. Using 3m tape mount the ballast where you want. I chose next the the ECU for the right light and right under my SRI on the left. Ninjaman suggested under the headlights. Find a place where you think is a good fit.

Step 12: Connect all the wiring and make sure the lights work. If everything works put the headlights back in and you are ready to go!

Here is the finished product!

Is it hard to mess up? No! It shouldnt be... This should take about 2 hours at the most...

It does not blind people... The lights are already aimed. I drove around everywhere and behind my cousin. He said they looked like normal HID's... They look really good. Not blinding at all. I also got the 8k lights. This is kinda halfed assed sry lol

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