Step One: Remove your alternator.

Step Two: Remove alternator cover (Make sure to remove the nut holding the port for the wiring harness first)

Step Three: Remove voltage regulator (?)

Step Four: Remove rubber brush assembly cover and brush assembly, being careful to keep the springs and old brushes in place.

Step Five: Remove old solder and old brushes. I just went ahead and took a small drill bit and drilled through the old solder holding the brushes in place. Be careful not to make too big a hole. Make sure the springs don't fly out, they don't come with the new brushes. You will need them.

Old brushes, springs and new brushes

Step Six: Slip spring over new brush

Step Seven: Slide spring and brush in as they were when you took the old brushes out. Basically just depress the spring and push the wire through the slot, then put the spring holding the brush in the hole. Hold onto the brush and spring or they will fly out.

Step Eight: Put some tape around the assembly to hold the brush in while you solder the new wire.

Step Nine: Solder the wire. Then repeat the steps for the other brush.

Step Ten: Replace the rubber cap, then replace the brush assembly and voltage regulator (?) without springing your springs and losing the brushes. This is a pretty difficult part to explain or take pictures for. Basically, you need to slide put your brush assembly where it needs to go, then slide your voltage regulator (?) under the unsupported screw hole of the assembly and over the one that does have a support. Sorry if this is kind of vague, it's the best I can do. It took me maybe 2 - 3 minutes to figure it out so it isn't that hard.

Final Step: Put the alternator's cover back on. Gratz, you're done. Put it back in the car and you're good to go! (Haha no I didn't forget to put the nuts on those bolts, that's just the last pic I took.)

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Applies to most Toyota alternators

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