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Replacement/upgrading the instrument cluster.
Tools you'll need:
-A pivoting-neck phillips head screwdriver.
-The new cluster or bulb&socket.

Assuming you have the new cluster, or the replacement for a blown or missing bulb (the Hazard announcing light is missing on most), here's what you do:

1. Remove any radar detectors, notepads, etc. that may be mounted on the dashboard, or suction-cup mounted to the winshield.
2. If you have a tilt steering wheel, it is handy to put it in the down position. Those without tilt (the majority) will figure out why!
3. Now remove the dashboard by pulling up on it...a good place to grab is the dash's edge on top of the instrument cluster. Pull up on the front of it until you feel that the whole front of it is loose. Then pull it towards you (assuming your sitting in the drivers seat) The whole dash should come off, it may seem tricky to get it past the steering wheel, but it works.
4. Find the four phillips head screws (black) holding the unit on, this is where the pivoting head comes in handy (getting to the lower two). Remove the screws.
5. Pull the cluster straight out towards the steering wheel, the cluster should pop out easily.
6. If your putting a bulb & socket into the Hazard hole, the black cardboard shield is labeled "Haz" next to the vacant hole. Put the socket in and twist it 1/10th turn clockwise until you hear it click. There you you have a little hazard triangle that will light up when you turn on your hazard flashers..
7. If your replacing a bulb, find the correct bulb using the labels on the black cardboard protector, turn the socket counterclockwise, and pull the bulb out.
8. Put it all back together....surprisingly the same way it came apart!

Good Luck, and if you have any questions, or are having troubles doing this, fell free to E-mail me.

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