Window adjustment (wind noise problem)

One of the problems with frameless windows is that the window can sometimes deviate from the correct settings. This can occur if the dealer does not know how to adjust windows correctly or if the window is used to close the doors, putting stress on the window regulator, and throwing the windows out of spec.

Here is a simple procedure to adjust the height and the tension of the window. These two adjustments can reduce the amount of wind noise caused by the windows and also ensure a water tight seal.

Once you have the door panel removed, then you will be faced with a situation similar to the picture, except that the
window regulator will be inside the door. To adjust how much tension the window has against the rubber seal/weather strip door gasket, the two jack screws at the bottom of the figure can be loosened or tightened. You can
see how this will tension the top of the glass away or towards the top of the door rubber seal. Imagine that the entire window is pivotted where the glass meets the door. By pushing the window regulator towards the
outside of the car, the top of the glass will push in. If you pull the bottom of the regulator towards the inside of the car, then the top of the glass will be pull away from the rubber seal.

You can make two more adjustments. These are how far up the front or back of the window glass slides up or down. There is an up stop adjustment for the front edge and back edge of the glass. These are hidden under the
rubber sheet. You must peel back the top edge of the rubber sheet to expose these two holes. The adjusters are located in two holes (slots), one is about 1/2 way along the top edge of the door, closer to the
door hinge. The other is closer to the door edge. You will see that each adjuster is just a piece of plastic (white in my case) that may be moved up and down by loosening a bolt.

The best procedure to adjusting the windows is to adjust the travel height and then adjust the tension of the window. To adjust the height of travel, first do the adjustment for the back edge (away from door hinge) by rolling the window up as far as you want, close door to check, and then tighten the bolt on the back edge adjuster. Next roll the window up a bit more (the front edge will tilt up a bit more) and tighten the front adjuster bolt (closer to the hinge). you may do this a couple of times to ensure that the glass closes properly, and to your liking. Also make sure that when the door is closed, that the glass fits under a small rubber lip. When the glass overlaps this rubber lip, it causes lots of wind
noise at highway speed. You can adjust the tension of the window to achieve the desired tension on the top of the glasses. This adjustment helps in getting the glass into the rubber lip.

These simple adjustments will keep your windows tight and noise free. You can always re-adjust if they get out of alignment.
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