Ok, here's a picture of what you get. Two seperate sections of
exhaust pipe, a muffler, and two chrome-plated tips. The arrow
represents where the two sections of pipe connect. There should also
be five exhaust pipe clamps. Three of the clamps are 2.5" and they
are used on the exhaust pipe connections. The other two clamps are
2.25" and are used to hold the tips to the muffler.

This picture compares the two systems. The exhaust
pipe is almost exactly the same except that it is 2.5" in diameter
while the stock pipe is 2.25" in diameter. Also note that the Monza
system is slightly heavier than it's stock counterpart.

Installation is fairly straightforward. First, you
must remove the old components. Jack up the car on ramps or jack
stands (don't use the stock jack alone, please). Remove the factory
muffler using a 15mm wrench and by taking the rubber hangers off
their mounts. A large hammer can be used to get it off of the factory
exhaust pipe. Now, remove the 15mm connection at the catalytic
converter, remove the other hanger halfway back on the long exhaust
pipe, and pull it out from under the car. Watch you're eyes for
falling rust.

Now it's time for the new stuff. I found the easiest
way to do this is to assemble everything under the car but do not
tighten anything down yet. Be sure all the clamps point down to make
it easier to tighten.

This picture represents the trickiest part of
installation. It is the area over top the left rear axle. The pipe
comes very close to the spare tire wheel well. Be sure to get it as
far away as possible by twisting the various pipe connections. Once
everything is bolted up and seems right, tighten the clamps but don't
go too tight. Don't worry about exhaust leaks at this point. Get out
from under the car and start it. Drive it around gently for a little
bit to listen for rattles. The only rattle I had was one where the
pipe connects to the catalytic converter. By loosening the connection
between the two sections of Monza pipe, I was able to push down the
entire assembly to allow more clearance between the floorpan and the
catalytic converter.

After I tightened everything down and made sure it
was rattle-free, I had to straighten the muffler a bit. It sat too
high and too far in on the right side so I used a pipe wrench to
tweak this muffler hanger. It used to stick straight out. Now's a
good time to align those cool looking tips and tighten their
connections down.

Go back out for another test drive and make sure
nothing rattles or squeaks. If it's hitting you may have to
loosen/tweak/tighten some of the connections or bend some of the

Once it's all done, it looks quite nice...

A few more tips:
It will stink at first because the paint is burning off the
pipe up near the cat. This will last for 100 miles or so.

After a few huindred miles, tighten all the clamps down again.

Be ready for lots of compliments and intoxicating sound

If it still rattles or leaks and you're fed up, go to a local
muffler shop and they can usually weld it up for less than $50. I
haven't had to do this yet, though.

Monza system purchased from

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